Installation of ceramic tile on large-format partitioning walls

Large-format brick is being increasingly used as an interior partitioning constructive solution.

It is usually referred to as “a fired-clay ceramic piece, with horizontal perforation, whose dimensions fulfill the following conditions: length greater than 300 mm and thickness greater than or equal to 40 mm and less than 140 mm, said bricks generally having dovetailed horizontal joints.”

Preliminary analysis

This type of partitioning has intrinsic peculiarities that differentiate it from other substrates, such as high absorption of the water and materials used to assemble it (gypsum- or plaster-based pastes) that may remain on its surface, thereby hindering the execution and election of the adhesive.

This last circumstance could be avoided using a cement-based adhesive mortar such as GECOL Tabique cerámico.

Technical considerations

The first consideration to be taken into account is the state of the substrate on which the cladding will be installed:

  1. Remove or harden the plaster-based, non-vitreous adhesive paste using GECOL Primer-TP adherence bridge diluted with water in the ratio 1:3.
  2. In the event that it cannot be removed, use a specific adhesive compatible with said plaster paste, such as GECOL Yeso or GECOL Pocelánico yeso.
  3. For the ceramic cladding, use an adhesive with high water-retaining capacity in order to counteract the high absorption of the substrate.


A second consideration to be considered is the design of the joints, making sure to:

  • Leave at least 2 mm joint spacing between tiles.
  • Execute perimeter movement joints in corners and changes in plane, height or material.
  • Execute expansion joints between door and structural cavities of the building.

All expansion joints should be filled with elastic mastics, such as GECOL Elastic-MS


Likewise, the use of mechanical anchorages is obligatory whenever tiles with dimensions greater than 60 x 40 cm or 40 kg / m2 are installed.

Jointing mortar must be applied in accordance with the times marked in the Technical Data Sheet of the adhesive.

Commissioning will take place 48 hours after executing the joint.

Recommended products


Conventional ceramics

Conventional ceramics gypsum suppots

Anhydrite supports

High performance


Joint mortars

From 0 to 20 mm quick setting

Up to 6 mm

From 3 to 15 mm

Flexible mastic

Elastomeric mastic


Warnings: The data provided by this Constructive Solution were prepared based on standard onsite installation processes. However, we recommend that you consult our Technical Department in the event of any specific circumstance