How to correctly build a barbecue, chimney, etc.

Constructions such as barbecues, ovens or chimneys must bear very high temperatures, which in turn causes great expansion, which traditional masonry substrates and materials are not capable of supporting.

The same is true in the opposite case, as on putting out the fire they must support great contractions.

Therefore, materials of a refractory nature capable of supporting sudden changes of temperature must be used.

Preliminary analysis

In order to build a barbecue, oven, chimney or similar a mortar compatible with the refractory material and that ensures its durability is required.

To this end, it must:

  • Be capable of supporting high resistances to high temperatures.
  • Have strong adherence to the refractory material.
  • Be resistant to sudden temperature changes (expansion / contraction).

Technical considerations

Any brick masonry construction must be executed very systematically, thereby avoiding errors that could affect the entire construction.

  • Check the water absorption of the refractory brick. On excessively porous supports or in hot periods, moisten the support and refractory brick until saturation and wait for the disappearance of the water film.
  • Mix and apply the product GECOL Refractario in the manner of a traditional masonry mortar (see “Masonry brick construction”) and subsequently smooth and go over the joints before hardening.
  • Once the bricks have been laid, let air dry for 24 hours.
  • Subsequently, switch on the oven or chimney until reaching a temperature of 200ºC and maintain for 24 hours.
  • Next, raise the temperature to 600ºC, at a rate of 50ºC to 60ºC per hour and maintain for 12 hours.
  • Lastly, raise to operating temperature, at a rate of 50ºC to 60ºC per hour.

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Warnings: The data provided by this Constructive Solution were prepared based on standard onsite installation processes. However, we recommend that you consult our Technical Department in the event of any specific circumstance