GECOL Revoco base


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Revoco base is a continuous covering mortar designed for the decoration, renovation and waterproofing of facades.


It is suitable for new builds and the restoration of old buildings.


It is ideal as a preliminary render, can be applied to the usual brickwork surfaces (e.g. cement, ceramic brick) and other surfaces with flatness problems.

It is intended for use on exposed plaster which can subsequently be painted and as a base for other types of wall coverings using mortars, ceramic tiles or natural stone.


“Surface regulator and a preliminary render”


It is a mortar rainproof but highly permeable to the water vapour and condensation produced in building interiors.

It can be used manually and by means of spraying machinery.


Its compensated granulometry and the use of high-quality plasticisers mean that it extends the life of spraying machinery and all its similar components (casing, whisks, etc.)


It offers different texture options in its final finish (floated, plain, scraped, etc.)



25 kg laminated paper sacks

Colours: grey and white


+/- 25 kg /m2 and cm thickness