GECOL Cril tráfico


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Cril tráfico is an acrylic coating, monocomponent for horizontal signage.


“Rapid drying”


Highly resistant to chemical and mechanical abrasion, it is specially designed for marking surfaces of asphalt, concrete, cement, etc.

Thanks to its flexibility, adherence and hardness it is valid for general purpose pavements, as well as in tunnels, tracks, roads, warehouses, industrial warehouses, pediments, parking lots and tennis or paddle courts.


“Resistant to chemical and mechanical abrasion”

Excellent covering power and easy application, thanks to its rapid drying, prevents bleeding in asphalt pavements.



Packages of: 20 and 5 kg.

Colours: white and yellow. (Semi-matte).


Theoretical yield: 15 linear meters / kg / m2 (bands of 10 cm wide and thicknesses of 200 microns).