GECOL Cril epoxi


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Cril epoxi is an epoxy coating, bicomponent for pavements.


Highly resistant to chemical and mechanical abrasion, it is specially designed for the protection of interior and exterior pavements in garages, warehouses, warehouses, workshops, premises, etc., both in new construction, as in rehabilitation, providing

the substrate with a great ease of cleaning.


“Highly resistant to chemical and mechanical abrasion”


Resistant to fresh water, salty, brine, wastewater, alkaline or moderately acidic chemicals, organic solvents and corrosive

atmospheres, oils, fats, salts and cleaning products.


With excellent hiding power and smooth finish, it creates a film resistant to shocks and to the degradation and wear of the floor.



Packages: 16 kg base + 4 kg catalyst.

Colours: grey, red and green


Theoretical yield: 3 – 5,5 m2 / kg (per surface layer)