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No more carbonations with GECOL Junta premium

The carbonations or efflorescences supposes the appearance of white spots, distributed of chaotic form in the surface of the joints.

They are the result of the crystallization of salts that migrate to the exterior and have their origin in the use of cement mortar without special characteristics in terms of setting and fast hardening.

With the use of GECOL Junta premium, high quality seals are obtained, avoiding the appearance of these unsightly stains.

GECOL Junta premium is a high-performance, fast-setting, deformable, one-part, deformable fitting joint developed for the filling of 2 to 20 mm joints in all types of ceramics and stone material.

It can be applied indistinctly on flooring and cladding, both indoors and outdoors, where special requirements are required, as well as a quick commissioning, obtaining a decorative, aesthetic, durable and high quality finish.

The main features of GECOL Junta premium are:

  • No carbonation or efflorescence
  • Fast setting
  • Deformable
  • Universal multipurpose
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low retraction
  • Highly resistant to abrasion
  • Drop effect
  • Very intense colors

Thanks to the combination of special hydraulic binders, waterproofing and waterproofing additives, it develops a surface that is resistant to chemical aggression (household cleaners, chlorinated water, bleach, soda, acids pH> 3) and dirt.

It is especially recommended for swimming pools, facades, high traffic and other places susceptible to permanent humidity.

Excellent cleaning, high resistance to abrasion and very fine texture (no scratch), which allows impeccable finishes.

This joint incorporates in its formulation a system that prevents the proliferation of mold.

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