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Range GECOL Reparatec

The passage of time and adverse weather conditions degrade concrete, making it lose its alkalinity due to carbonation thereof with atmospheric air (CO2), leaving its armor unprotected, which becomes oxidized and increases in volume, whereupon it breaks and becomes detached.

Likewise, concrete surfaces suffer significant mechanical aggressions produced by impacts and blows.

In order to avoid future pathologies, wear and for aesthetic reasons, proper maintenance and repair of the concrete is required. For this we have the range GECOL Reparatec:

  • GECOL Reparatec R2 is a single-component and thixotropic mortar designed for all types of aesthetic repairs in concrete.
  • GECOL Reparatec R4  is a single-component  and thixotropic mortar to structural concrete repairs.
  • GECOL Reparatec R4 fluido is a single-component mortar, designed for structural repairs that require high technical requirements. The fluid character of this product makes it ideal for concrete works by pouring or leveling on horizontal surfaces.
  • GECOL Reparatec rápido is a single-component mortar, fast setting (4 hours), special for all types of repairs in concrete. It has a high thixotropy and is ideal for all those works that require a quick commissioning.

All these products are fibre-reinforced with fibreglass and resistant to sea water, sulfates and aggressive environments.

You can find information about these products in the Products section of this website.

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